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Mood Cafe

Project Included


Complete brand design
Project naming
Logo design

Brand tone

Brands direction

Brands story developing
Brand identity system

Collaterals design

Environmental design




Project Overview


Mood Cafe
Concept proposal


Mood Cafe is a conceptual cafe where 

Logo design

The idea behind was to create a flexible yet consistent logo that represents mood.

Brand Identity

Pattern design accordingly to the major emotions, anger, joyful, gloomy, disgust.






Brand Collaterals

Every piece of collaterals and marketing tools from large patten design to details typography tells the story of Mood Cafe through its unique identity,  


It begins with "What's your mood today?" 

Environmental Branding

Environmental Branding enhances the Brand's identity value more. 

The making of Visual Identity

Mood Cafe's Identity - Expressionism

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