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Hotel Humi

Living with the indigenous


A building that is more than a decade year old, the unique culture of Sabah had to play a key role in its new life as boutique hotel.


Motif of the natives in Sabah plays a
huge role in diverse culture of Sabah which is also one of the most significant elements of the hotel concept.


Balancing the complexity of native motif with a fresh modern appeal is tricky, mushROOM took up the challenge in creating the traditional-modern branding of Hotel HUMI.


Hotel Humi

Sabah, Malaysia


Feasibility Study

Hotel Concept

Brand Story

Hotel Naming

Art Direction

Brand & Identity

Environmental Branding

Printed Collaterals


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The best way to experience Cultural Tourism is to stay with the Indigenous.

Traveling is to experience the places, artefacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. To explore the primitive lifestyle and not giving up the pleasantness, we have the perfect combination of traditional essence and modern culture.

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Naming & Brand Story

Inspired by Huminodun, only daughter of God of Creation, represents restoration and strengthen peace and harmony, beauty of heart, mind soul and body in a myth of the Kadazan. 

A combination of Multiple geometric shapes forms into the word ‘HUMI’


Creating an intergration of traditonal
and mordern visual


Inspired by Paddy fields formation & Kadazan’s traditional pattern


HUMINODUN sacrificed herself by turning her body parts into several sources of food for a bountiful harvest.


Mystical Origin of Kadazan

A long time ago, most of the world’s people drifted away from Kinorohingan and forgot His existence. Kinorohingan became very angry as a result of the failings of His people.

He felt responsible for guiding them and reminding them that He loved them and that His concern mattered. Soon after, the Seven Scourges took place upon Earth.

Upon the final Scourge, The Famine, called Huminodun, the legend narrates that a maiden of unparalleled beauty had given her life in exchange for a bountiful harvest for her community. She was the sacrificeddaughter of
Kinorohingan and Suminundu.


The branding also focused on new collateral materials, on-property and in-room materials and even biodegradable shampoo and lotion bottles. All spiced up with some witty copy for a hard-to-impress crowd. 

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HUMI-soap mockup.jpg

Our job was to evolve the brand but remember what revved us up in the first place.

HUMI Building-Sketch-concept-SM-MR.png

A Stay With Endless Experience

Hotel Humi isn't a cultural hotel. It imbues the

native spirit: harmony, truthful and original. 

We knew what we were walking into when Hotel Humi asked for a wholly new concept and branding. It was going to be authentic, pleasant and fun with endless experience.

“Kopivosian do kinoikatan” Welcome guests in native language as soon as they enter the hotel , featured games and welcome drinks in bamboo cup feeling that the Indigenous people is hosting you.

Bringing the daily lifestyle of the local indigenous to the hotel, just like being
in the common area of the longhouse.


Of course, activities would not be fun without a challenge - Butod Challenge. Butod is the common food eaten by the natives. Whoever would like to try butod can knock the 'gong' to announce that he/she is taking the challenge.

Guests can gather at the designated storytelling area in the lobby to enjoy and learn more about the myths and folklore of different native tribes.

By “Living with indigenous” ,guest has in-depth
understanding and interested about tribal cultures. Learning of tribal cultures create good memories, these memories will stay and spread.

With Hotel HUMI uniqueness of tribal sense and story, it is devoted to creating an enduring relationships with our guests and members by providing educational and gracious hospitality in a style setting.

Mission of Hotel Humi

- Developed by mushROOM

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