Lucas Loo Muscaria
Lead Designer

Lucas is a 1994 limited edition young Storyteller, a perfectionist who loves the good design, a minimalist who likes to keep things simple.

He is mostly known as a Graphic Designer, major in Branding, which creates not only a visual experience but also an efficient strategy and a solution to brands. With a diversity skillset, Lucas has also experienced in Videography, Photography, Visual Merchandising, and Motion Graphics and etc. 


Coming from a background in Graphic Design from RMIT Melbourne, Lucas currently drives the design team as a Lead Designer at mushROOM.  From proposal to project delivery, he’s involved in every step to ensure the brand’s vision and product execution is aligned with his client’s goals and their customer’s needs. 

When Lucas is not making design, and you don’t find him at the bars, he is certainly behind the piano indulging himself into his melody.